Carpets are susceptible to molds. Molds could easily thrive in wet areas, which is why your carpet could simply have it. The issue needs to be fixed as early as you can as a homeowner since mold could rapidly spread. Sometimes, it could be challenging to spot whether you have mold since it usually develops underneath the carpet. But, there are indications that you might look for to determine whether your carpet has molds. Here are the following:

Carpet age

A lot of people tend to cling onto having their carpets even though they are aware that it must be changed by a new one. In fact, older carpets are more susceptible to mold growth. Other people believe that it’s usual for their carpets to have this type of smell since it has existed for a long time.

Musty smell

One of the major indicators of molds is the musty smell. You might encounter this smell once you spend most of your time in your house. Though, anyone who will be visiting your property could smell this weird odor. If a visitor will have remarks about your home’s smell, you must immediately take action about it, which means you need to have your carpet inspected for molds.

Damp carpet

Usually, molds grow once the carpet has been damped by water for a couple of days. Once you notice a few damp spots in your carpet, the floor below might have a leak. Basement carpets are the usual breeding ground of mold. To avoid having mold, you would have to dry out the water immediately once there’s a leak. Moreover, you should clean up right away if you have spilled something on your carpet since it only takes a bit of dampness for molds to grow.

Discoloration of carpet

You could determine whether your carpet has molds or not by just taking a close look at it. Once the mold has already advanced, then it might cause your carpet to be discolored. You might observe green or black spots throughout your carpet. Remember that the place below your carpet might become discolored first than your carpet. Which is why it’s always best to check under your carpet regularly.


Molds have been proven to trigger asthma, bronchitis, allergies, and problems. If one of you has any of these problems, then you really need to let the experts check your carpet. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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