Asphalt pavement is the sturdiest paving mixture for roadways, parking lots, and driveways. However, it also has a weakness. Actually, asphalt paving has 3 major enemies. But, there’s no need to worry since Edison Asphalt Paving will provide you its respective solution to help you out in fighting them off:

Surface water

The majority of asphalt surfaces are intended to brush water away from busy areas since standing surface water could make a mess. Once an asphalt roadway, parking lot, or driveway is not maintained well, surface water could make the pavement weak, which could result in the expansion of crack and promoting the development of potholes.


To prevent potholes and crack from developing and to help to keep out surface water, it would be recommended to apply seal coat regularly. Apply a thin liquid layer of seal coat over a paved surface to keep it from being harmed caused by vehicle fluids, snow and rain, and UV rays. Make sure to apply the seal coat appropriately to make your asphalt paving last longer.


The UV rays on our skin are just similar to the sunlight that reaches our asphalt pavement. Similar to us, asphalt pavements also need your protection.


As you spread some sunscreen on your skin, you must also consider applying some protective seal coat to your asphalt every 3 up to 5 years to assist in terms of protecting it from the harmful sunlight. Sealcoating is also effective to protect your asphalt pavement from surface damage caused by oil, fuel, and water.

Heavy vehicles and trucks

On asphalts, the mass of heavy vehicles could negatively affect your asphalt pavement. Heavy trucks could make the deterioration of pavement much faster and can boost rutting alongside wheel ways. This could significantly minimize the lifespan and the durability of particular parts of the parking lot or roadway. Damage could be more rampant in places where heavy trucks are slowly driving, where they slow down or stop, and ultimately, where they might be parked.


Hiring and collaborating with an expert asphalt pavement contractor in putting up your asphalt is a vital means to help enhance your asphalt surface’s durability and lifespan. A reliable contractor has enough training and experience when it comes to parking lots and roadways with heavy truck traffic. Moreover, they can provide some recommendations about how to fight the damage due to huge trucks.

After knowing those maintenance solutions to possible enemies of asphalt pavement, it would be best to hire an experienced and reputable contractor to help you out with doing them. Our company has been in this industry for several years now and we can guarantee you that your property is safe with us. We make sure that our equipment is updated and our contractors are skilled, certified and insured. Visit our site now to know more about our demolition services. You can also delight in the interesting blogs that relate to the products and services that we offer.